YOU are the guru you’ve been searching for….

Message from my Team to Lisa:

“Lisa, jump in… no, DIVE in! FOLLOW NO ONE. Do you hear me? FOLLOW NO ONE! Those you follow are mostly born of an ancient paradigm that no longer applies. Let me put it another way: only a few decades ago, the energies were quite dense. The average human required a “guru” a “master” to light the way. After 1987 (the great harmonic convergence) the energies shifted in a way that allowed a higher timeline to emerge. We are now living that higher timeline. People of all walks now have access to the other side of the veil. There is no longer a need to access these upper realms through other humans… Simply put, like you, they too are HUMAN.

Whoa. You are truly powerful. (but you already knew that) What you seek is a path, a place to focus your power? Like your brother, you will not find it outside yourself. You will not find it in a guru, a class, a book… Lisa, you are a master. You already out-pace all those you “tune into”. You are walking with all you need. The thing you are searching for is “time”. Time is the great equalizer. Time is the great being that humbles us all. The beginning of your journey requires the short sightedness of youth. Don’t be offended… there are things those “long in the tooth” would not attempt due to the wisdom that time affords. 

YOU came here hoping for this potential. Lisa, go within. Your higher self is there, hoping to guide you. The guidance is pure, untainted. When we seek guidance from others, we must tune to their channel… You have a frequency that is tuned JUST FOR YOU. There’s a channel… (we’ll call it) KLISA that was created JUST FOR YOU!  

You already know this, don’t you? 

You know you’re a badass. You know you are powerful. You get bored easily, don’t you? You feel that most people don’t “get it”, don’t you? There’s a reason for this. You are walking a razor thin line between allowing and being…. 

The plan you put into place is one that very few can travel. 

Beware of ego. 

Seriously, keep your ego in check. If you are feeling called to work with others, this is the area to focus on. 

You must be healed of earthly (3-d) pain. You must work from a place of non judgement (including yourself) to be fully effective. Many a great human have fallen because they buy into the human ego. When the healer is not healed, there is an imbalance that can create distortions. These distortions hold the potential for the human ego to become harmful to those it draws near. 

You are not human. You are so so much more. 

…but you already know all of this, don’t you?”

Be well and go in love. 

“I’m lost. I Can’t seem to find my purpose…”


I drew the “drum” card (upside down which indicates “action”). “You travel to the beat of a different drum. It’s time to acknowledge you do not fit a mold or role or relationship that is not in tune with you. Find your rhythm; respond to the heartbeat of the distant drum. The price you pay for lingering becomes higher with each passing day. Now is the time to move on!” (message written on the card)

(Below is the message from my team to Freddy)

It’s time. I see a lighthouse light searching the horizon, looking for what….validation, blame, insight? All you seek has been inside you all this time. There’s a knowing, a longing that you have held onto. You long to be led. You long to find the answer (the key) that will unlock the door to your purpose and future. You long to find your place.

You are part of a new generation of spirit that has come to this earth accompanied by an energy that is not easily recognizable. The framework established centuries ago, refined over hundreds of years, DOES NOT FIT YOU! You are seeking/craving something that has yet to be created. Let me say it a different way; this energetic template is encoded into your DNA. YOU carry these codes and are charged with the responsibility of anchoring them to the earth’s grid. Does this make sense?

Think of it this way: Imagine you are an explorer, venturing to a new, undiscovered land. Would you expect the infrastructure to already be in place? I don’t think so. You are the pioneer who signed up for the adventure of bringing forth these new energies to be anchored to the existing grid. We need this new structure so we may move forward on this higher timeline! You (and others like you) are the bridge to the “new world”…. 

What does this mean for you? This means YOU get to create. This means YOU get to grow into the position of “Architect”. You are so so supported. These codes you carry within you must be activated. 


For starters, LOOK TO NO ONE for external assistance. YOU WILL NOT find WHAT YOU SEEK!!!!! (HUGE HUGE) Look inward. Look to YOUR guides, they are desperately trying to get your attention! 

Master your emotions. Master your expectations. Fully step into the MAN YOU CAME TO BE. He’s already here. He is YOU. You are HIM. The key to activation lies in this realization.

Here’s an exercise that may help get the ball rolling: When your mind is still, imagine what life is like in 10 years? Imagine the best possible outcome. Imagine what Freddy looks like. See who surrounds him. What occupies his thoughts? Can you see what his purpose is? What is he feeling? Can you see it? 

I can. 

He’s a man that knows that he, and he ALONE, created his world. He is a man that has forgiven and transcended his childhood anxieties. He has conquered his fears. He blames no one. He has let go of his anger and childhood pain. He has found peace in the knowing that all of these trials were placed there by HIM, FOR him.

Freddy, you are not alone on this adventure.

My Guides LOVE Getting Involved w/ My Girlfriends!!!

My “Team” (as I like to refer to my guides) jump at the chance to chime in when I’m asked questions. A while back a girlfriend of mine called, seems she was having issues sleeping. Not only that, she was feeling jittery and a bit shaky. “Jacky” (obviously NOT her real name) tried everything; more exercise, less caffeine, more meditation… nothing seemed to help her unwind or chill out.

During our phone call she inquired if perhaps there was something energetic going on? (she’d heard me talk about the Shuman Resonance… you know, the measurement of the energy field surrounding the earth. It’s really a thing) Yup, the numbers had been off the charts. Seemed everyone I spoke with mentioned crazy emotional ups and downs.

I began getting images of Jacky’s body divided into two parts: mid section up was filled with a beautiful, light energy while the lower half held energies that were heavy and stagnant. It was really important that this heavier energy move on through so the new, higher frequencies could take its place.  I told her what I was seeing and that I would try to get more information. Here’s an edited version of what the guides wanted her to know:

“You are a light anchor. You are a light worker. You (and many others) came to this planet to help the enlightenment (ascension) process, this was the goal all along. You are not from Earth. When you accepted this “mission”, you were asked to abide by the laws that govern this world (gravity, karmic cycle, etc). Because of these laws, you have spent many lifetimes here, cycling through life after life on the planet. Fortunately, there was a loophole in place. The moment you realized who you actually were, you were no longer bound to the “earthly contract”… This freed you from the karmic wheel, from the laws that bind. In other words, you are freed from the the mindset and restrictions of this incarnation. (I must say, you and yours have delighted in the restrictive cycles; they provide such intense growth, do they not?)

Unlike some, you have also taken parallel lives elsewhere, in different dimensions and on different planets. There is much work to be done. You can now tap into this, if you wish. This (the current) timeline has been set in place for some time now. The earth is ascending, with or without her occupants. We were alarmed that more of you hadn’t fully realized your authentic selves by this point. This is why the Earth is being blasted with cosmic energies. ( We are also taking full advantage of the celestial alignment. (Lion’s Gate, eclipses, and planetary alignment) 

Much love and admiration to you. We are right here with you.

Back to you (Jacky): There are two things happening: your team (guides) is changing, and you are being asked to infuse a different energetic frequency into the planetary grid. You not only “anchor” the energy, you must run this energy THRU your vehicle. (Think HDMI vs regular cable) Because the energy is coursing through you, you are having to adjust your frequency and vibration. You are recalibrating. Don’t resist. TRY to sleep. Take salt baths. Be gentle on yourself. Walk, sing, write. (All the things you do regularly) Try to be inwardly still. Try not to plan, budget, plot. Put off PLANNING!  If you can, envision emptying out your container completely. The two energies cannot exist in the same space. You are feeling the new energies in the upper portion of your body (for it DOES enter from the top) and it’s colliding with the old energy (about midway down). Try to empty out the old. When the energy is flowing, you will feel fantastic.”

So many of us have been asked to shed what no longer serves so we can make room for the new. Seriously, I’ve seen it all around me: relationship fallouts, job changes, divorces, especially the last quarter of 2018! Just know that we are incredibly supported. Guides, angels and beings from all around are in overdrive supporting and loving us!

Let me know what you’ve been experiencing!

Bye for now!

Love to you! Kerry

Brain: to sleigh or not to sleigh (show #2)

Let’s unpack this question of “heart vs brain” being the root of the distortions that wreak havoc in our lives. Here are a few “true/false” questions to help us get started:

-The brain is an amalgamation- or the sum total of all its experiences (true)

The brain shoves the heart aside to be heard and validated: (true)

If we believe (as I did) the brain MUST be shoved aside to allow the heart to take center stage (which IS the solution to all our ails) : F

I used to say: The heart is the bridge. The bridge to the other side. The hearts knows LIFETIMES (infinite amounts). The heart is ALL KNOWING

Yes…. But…..

As we all know, the veil is thinning, like bleed through everywhere you look. Have you guys experienced this? Kari mentioned her brothel story last week. Many people are reporting images, scenes playing out in their heads. Great imagination or memories from impactful situations experienced in other lifetimes?

For good measure, we could even throw in parallel lives running right along side this one. (Or maybe save that for a discussion with Cynthia Sue Larson) I’m so incredibly intrigued by the concept of the multiverse! Again, I think I’ll save this for our conversation with Cynthia Sue..

I think I’ve wrongly accused and convicted the brain… I’ve judged it and blamed it for quite a few woes in my life. I’ve hurled insults and expletives at it, assuming it was the cause of most (if not all) of my distortions. The “chatter” that leads me down the rosy trail of disharmony can ONLY originate from the brain, right? (disclaimer time: I’m reaching back into those emotion-filled days of my youth for a lot of this… I’m actually pretty mellow most of the time)

Let’s try this on for size: (I had a flash of WHAAA???!!! this morning) What if the brain is the movie screen in which our worlds play out? It’s kinda like blaming your TV set for the bad news It displays. In this context, what if the brain is simply there to convey to the 3-d body distorted images, isn’t it the pain that causes us to seek healing?

The brain is the vehicle that displays all the woo…..

Let me be really clear about one thing…. I don’t believe we need to dig around in our psyche for every little ill and woe to be released! I was once working with someone who mentioned her long time quest of trying to clear her databank of pain and negative emotions. Kudos, really! It was Eric who said, “well, she can if she wants, but wouldn’t it be much easier to bundle that shit up, tie a rope around it and throw it in the river?”… Whaaaaa, we can do that? Yep!

As Matt Khan says, the universe gives you what you want. If you want to shift through every little minute emotional pain, you can. The universe will always give you what you want. “Oh, you like this process, well here, I’ll give you MORE!”

So this morning I had somewhat of a shit fit with one of my boys. Oh man. So much was triggered with this one. I acted like a loon…. It wasn’t pretty and I wasn’t proud.

Attempting to apply my new “a-ha’s” to see if I could locate the origin of today’s “distortion”, I decided to sift through and see if there was an obvious connection between my my relationship with my son and our “struggles”. (work with me here, at this point its only a theory)