Brain: to sleigh or not to sleigh (show #2)

Let’s unpack this question of “heart vs brain” being the root of the distortions that wreak havoc in our lives. Here are a few “true/false” questions to help us get started:

-The brain is an amalgamation- or the sum total of all its experiences (true)

The brain shoves the heart aside to be heard and validated: (true)

If we believe (as I did) the brain MUST be shoved aside to allow the heart to take center stage (which IS the solution to all our ails) : F

I used to say: The heart is the bridge. The bridge to the other side. The hearts knows LIFETIMES (infinite amounts). The heart is ALL KNOWING

Yes…. But…..

As we all know, the veil is thinning, like bleed through everywhere you look. Have you guys experienced this? Kari mentioned her brothel story last week. Many people are reporting images, scenes playing out in their heads. Great imagination or memories from impactful situations experienced in other lifetimes?

For good measure, we could even throw in parallel lives running right along side this one. (Or maybe save that for a discussion with Cynthia Sue Larson) I’m so incredibly intrigued by the concept of the multiverse! Again, I think I’ll save this for our conversation with Cynthia Sue..

I think I’ve wrongly accused and convicted the brain… I’ve judged it and blamed it for quite a few woes in my life. I’ve hurled insults and expletives at it, assuming it was the cause of most (if not all) of my distortions. The “chatter” that leads me down the rosy trail of disharmony can ONLY originate from the brain, right? (disclaimer time: I’m reaching back into those emotion-filled days of my youth for a lot of this… I’m actually pretty mellow most of the time)

Let’s try this on for size: (I had a flash of WHAAA???!!! this morning) What if the brain is the movie screen in which our worlds play out? It’s kinda like blaming your TV set for the bad news It displays. In this context, what if the brain is simply there to convey to the 3-d body distorted images, isn’t it the pain that causes us to seek healing?

The brain is the vehicle that displays all the woo…..

Let me be really clear about one thing…. I don’t believe we need to dig around in our psyche for every little ill and woe to be released! I was once working with someone who mentioned her long time quest of trying to clear her databank of pain and negative emotions. Kudos, really! It was Eric who said, “well, she can if she wants, but wouldn’t it be much easier to bundle that shit up, tie a rope around it and throw it in the river?”… Whaaaaa, we can do that? Yep!

As Matt Khan says, the universe gives you what you want. If you want to shift through every little minute emotional pain, you can. The universe will always give you what you want. “Oh, you like this process, well here, I’ll give you MORE!”

So this morning I had somewhat of a shit fit with one of my boys. Oh man. So much was triggered with this one. I acted like a loon…. It wasn’t pretty and I wasn’t proud.

Attempting to apply my new “a-ha’s” to see if I could locate the origin of today’s “distortion”, I decided to sift through and see if there was an obvious connection between my my relationship with my son and our “struggles”. (work with me here, at this point its only a theory)